Monday, October 22, 2012

addendum to October Baseball and Thursday night ghosts

I called my mom today to tell her about seeing my dad last week - Dad who died two years ago March 1st.

She'd understand - she's Greek.

Before I could tell her about what happened last Thursday, about how the visual prompt of seeing the outside escalators at Candlestick Park had led me to seeing my dad in the night air, all around - before I could tell her that, my Mom says,

I have something to tell you.

What's that? I say.

I went to pick up a prescription, she said, at Costco (where my dad worked before he got sick), and when I was waiting in line, one of the ladies there saw me and came out front.  Anna, she said, it's so good to see you.  I just wanted to let you know how much I miss Tony - especially now with the Giants doing so well.  Oh, how we talked about the Giants!  He would have loved this, Anna.  He would have been so excited to see this happening and we would have had such fun talking about it.

I miss him.  I miss Tony so much.  He was so special.  He was so nice to all of us, to everyone.  But baseball!  We had so much fun talking about baseball.

I do miss him.

There at the end, my Mom's crying a little.  I'm crying a little.  And my mom says, Oh, Tony.  Tony.

And I ask, When was that, Mom?

What? she says.

When did that happen?

Oh, she says, last week.  Let's see - I went to pick up my medicine on, on...Thursday, she says.  It was last Thursday.

Thursday, I say.  Can I tell you a story about last Thursday, Mom?

What happened on Thursday? my mom says.

I saw Dad, I say.  I saw Dad.

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