Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Boston helps create the theme song for Drinks With Nick

Drinks With Nick now has a theme song thanks to my friends Randy Strauss and John Hansen.

Three years ago, Karen's family took a vacation that included Boston.  On our travels, I ran into the Oldest Bar in America.  Randy and John read my postcard about it and then they wrote this song.

I'd been meaning to put pictures to their words but thought video production was out of my league.  This video probably proves that point - but the song's fun, so there's that.  And then Boston's been in the news so much with the anniversary of the tragedy from last year, so I thought, finally, I'd get this up on the day of the Boston Marathon this year.

Without further ado - The Oldest Drunk in America.  Words and Music by Randy Strauss and John Hansen.  Images by me.

Thanks, Randy.  Thanks, John.

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