Thursday, October 25, 2012

The gauntlet is thrown!

In response to my previous post where I introduced the Orange & Black #2 - a cocktail to celebrate the San Francisco Giants' trip to the 2012 World Series - I received this comment from Nick Britsky:

Hello! Are you based out of San Francisco? I write and enjoy your site. I'm based out of Detroit. Are you up for a wager or a drink off? 

Oh, baseball, how do I love thee?  Oh, friendly wager, how do I love thee, also?

First, please - visit Nick's site.  It's much better than my own, and if you are a drink-fancier, you'll love it.  If you enjoy interesting people writing about interesting things, you'll love it.  The only thing wrong with Mr. Britsky is that he, alas, lives in Michigan.  Thus, he is a fan of the Detroit Tigers and as such is root-root-rooting for them to be victorious in this, the 108th playing of the Fall Classic.

I, of course, denizen of the Bay Area, pray that the San Francisco Giants slay the Motor City beast, the beast with three heads - Verlander, the greatest pitcher in the game; the Prince, one of the biggest, most fearsome hitters in any league; and Cabrera, who did nothing special this year except win the Triple Crown, something that hadn't been done since Sgt. Pepper was new to the charts.

So, Mr. Britsky - or Nick, may I call you Nick?  A wager you say?  Indeed?

I'm in.

I will happily send you a bottle of St. George's finest.  This distillery calls my city - Alameda - its own.  Or perhaps you would prefer a bottle of Old Potrero Single Malt from San Francisco's Anchor Distilling Company?

Of course, you would only receive these if the unthinkable happens - if your Tigers recover from last night's loss to win the Series.

Or perhaps, perhaps, you have something else in mind?

Nick, what say you, good sir?


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