Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Postcard from Bar Harbor, Maine

From the boat, Maine's beautiful - even overcast it's beautiful, what with it being so green, what with the few white, clapboard homes thrusting their peaks out through the trees.  No beach to speak of, just the shore cragging itself down from the waterline to the Atlantic.

We always try to hit bookstores when we're someplace new - and sorry, that doesn't include the two behemoths.  One cookie-cutter behemoth in Oakland is the exact same as the cookie-cutter in Boston.  So no thanks.

In Bar Harbor, conveniently enough, we stumbled upon Sherman's, Maine's oldest bookstore - since 1886. The gold letters of their sign above the red awning assure that it's The Place To Browse.  So we did.

The girls went through the aisles, sporting the new knit caps we purchased across the street from the knitter herself.  Pink and mouse ears on top for Kristina, purple and flowered for Elizabeth.  The girls happy with their new stuffed mooses (meece?)

To support Sherman's - because this is what you should do, support local stores.  Can you do that for me?

To support Sherman's, I bought postcards, Karen picked out a paperback Anne of Green Gables (to prepare the girls for Prince Edward Island), I scored a Moleskine notebook - and an oversized copy of Robert McCloskey's One Morning in Maine.  Yes, he won the Caldecott for Blueberries for Sal, and he's more famous for Make Way for Ducklings, but when in Maine...

I figure I can get everyone to sign the inner cover of the book - their are seventeen of Karen's family on this trip, us included, and the seventeen names will look good, later.  Will remind the girls, later, of everyone who was on the trip.  With luck, will remind the girls of a happy morning in Maine, mooses (meece?) in hand, and mommy and daddy reading them new books on board.

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